Disneyland 2017

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Our first trip to Disneyland, finally. A dream trip come true! All Disney fans must make the pilgrimage to see the original. We also took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach, breathtaking. Click here to see the pictures from the trip.

WDW 2015

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Another trip to Walt Disney World is in the books. Just the two of us this time. It had been two years since the last visit and we really needed it. Besides, Mickey was getting upset because we haven't seen him in so long. You have to keep your pal happy so I booked the next trip as soon as we got home. Click here to see the pictures from the trip.

New Family Member!

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We recently adopted Sophie from the Animal Welfare League. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier. We passed by her cage at the shelter and she reached out with her paw and said, "Sir, excuse me sir. Would you take me home?" My heart melted and I couldn't resist. Just look at those eyes. Sophie is home now where she belongs.


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