Haigh Quarry 8-27-23

By les, 25 September, 2023
We visit Haigh Quarry for the first and only time this year. The water temp was great and the viz was terrible. It was late in the year and the students had kicked up all the crap. Still, we can't wait for next year at Haigh.

Haigh Quarry 9-18-22

By les, 20 September, 2022
We visit the rock crusher for the last dive of the year at Haigh Quarry. The water temp was great and the viz was ok. Can't wait for next year at Haigh.

Bike The Drive 9-4-22

By les, 9 September, 2022
Fifth Third Bike the Drive South to the Museum of Science and Industry and back. A very gloomy, overcast and humid day for a ride along Chicago's lake front. What a fantastic ride! The rain held off until we were done. We still got soaked on our way back to the car. See you next year!

Bike The Drive 9-5-21

By les, 6 September, 2022
Finally! Last years Bike the Drive was cancelled and this year's was delayed until September. It was a perfect day for theĀ Fifth Third Bike the Drive! Over 16,000 riders attended the 20th Annual Fifth Third Bike the Drive. The next Bike the Drive can't come quick enough.

Haigh Quarry 9-5-20

By les, 2 September, 2022
Another great day for diving at Haigh Quarry. We fed the fish and snorkeled around the south dock. It was another great year of diving at the quarry.

Haigh Quarry 8-16-20

By les, 2 September, 2022
Diver Appreciation Day at Haigh Quarry. They had some giveaways and drawings for prizes. I won a dive slate! The event was not as good as previous years. You can blame Covid for that one. I can't wait for next years event.